Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Grisha Trilogy

      Ah, the Grisha Trilogy. I read these three consecutively and I literally could not put them down. If I did it was only because of two reasons A). I had to do work or sleep, or B). to pick up the next book. It is literally that brilliantly written. Bravo to you Leigh Bardugo, bravo. 

Bardugo tells a tale of an ordinary young heroine who is whisked away into the world of politics and magical abilities when she discovers her extraordinary gift; she's a sun summoner--Alina Starkov can summon light from her fingertips. And thus, we are submerged into something truly beautiful and unique alongside Alina; whose life goes from simple clothes to gowns made from the most luxurious materials. Into a world that contains darkness as well as light, a villain you love to hate ( and hate to love), a loyal friend, privateers, princes, mythical creatures, illegal magic, anarchy, friends, foes, a country worth fighting for, and so much more. 

Alina Starkov is an amazing heroine, mainly because she's believable. she's not drop-dead gorgeous, she's  not super athletic; what makes her so amazing is that she could literally be anyone- you, me, the girl next door-- and its that average girl who is coming to term with her power and skill is what makes her so admirable. Her uncertainty and her simple humanity is what caused me to flip page after page until I was done. That, and Bardugo's brilliant brilliant story telling. 

The Darkling
 the main antagonist, centuries old and gorgeous. He's cruel. He'll kill a million people without batting an eye, but strangely he's just so human. And its his humanity that makes you understand exactly how his mind works. How he functions. Why he does what he does. So while every fiber of your being wants to hate him, you can't help but do the exact opposite. Because when all's said and done, you just wanna hug the idiot and say "there, there". And THAT'S why he's someone I hate to love. 

All in all, when everything is said and done, It's a brilliant piece of literature and by far one of my favorites. Its an amazing mixture of adventure, romance, and sometimes it leaves you smiling at a bunch of words and make you seem like an idiot. Beautifully written and completely lovable. 

Rating 9/10 

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